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Foam Insulation & Sound Reduction

RetroFoam™ is not a spray foam insulation, but our injection foam insulation is designed specifically for insulating existing wall cavities, which also provides sound reduction for your home. No-mess, hassle-free installations. No need to drill or remove drywall. Foam is injected from outside walls. Call us today to get a free quote!

We happily serve St. Louis, MO, & surrounding counties. 

RetroFoam Doesn’t Cost, It Pays!
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Personal Comfort

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Energy Savings

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Sound Reducing

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  • Minimizes air movement through your walls
  • Reduces heating & cooling bills
  • Maintains a consistent temperature in your home
  • Eliminates up to 80% of airborne sound through your walls
  • Prevents airborne pollen & allergens from filtrating your walls
  • Unlike traditional spray foam insulation, our foam insulation is designed specifically for existing wall cavities
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Did you know your home loses up to 35% of its energy through its existing walls?
RetroFoam Insulation can change that


Replace older insulation from your attic to basement, from your home to your office, or add insulation where none exists. With its extremely high R-values (up to R-23.7), RetroFoam™ is the most efficient and cost-effective choice for insulating!


Whatever your building materials are…vinyl, wood, brick, block, stone, wythe cavities, foundations, outside walls or interior walls…we can do it all! See how easy insulation can be – call today for a FREE QUOTE!


Once RetroFoam™ is installed in your walls, it’s unique cell structure absorbs and refracts sound waves. Great for soundproofing personal residences, condos, apartments, offices, hotels, and more. Your ears will thank you!




RetroFoam’s acoustical properties reduce sound by an average of 45 decibels in a typical 2×4 wall. Once RetroFoam™ is installed in your walls, its unique cell structure absorbs and refracts sound waves making it one of the very best products available for both interior and exterior sound reduction. In fact, it works so well, RetroFoam has been used in many hotels to create quiet rooms without the mess and expense of tearing down walls!


  • Personal Residences
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Conference Rooms
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • and so much more!
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RetroFoam™ is one of the BEST options for reducing your home energy costs. Properly insulate your home with injection foam to avoid unexpected spikes in your utility bill by keeping a consistent temperature throughout the entire year.

With heating and cooling costs on the rise, you can’t afford to wait another day to insulate your home with RetroFoam™. Call Gateway RetroFoam™ for a FREE ESTIMATE!
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Up to 40Z% Utility Bills Savings

The average customer saves 25% to 40%.

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RetroFoam™ is hypoallergenic and does not contain any fumes or gases. Most importantly, RetroFoam™ provides a clean, safe environment for you and your family.

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RetroFoam™ helps you keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Enjoy year-round comfort that will let you kick up your feet and relax regardless of the season.

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Financing Available

Ask about our easy financing options! The approval process is quick and simple!

Affordable Monthly Payments!

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If You Are Experiencing

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RetroFoam™ Can Help!

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Excellent communication and super fast service! Thank you for taking care of our needs!
Dan Schell

I just wanted to give you an update since we had the RetroFoam injected on January 13th.  Since then, we have not had to use the space heater in our dining room or son’s room.  We can definitely tell a difference in the temperature of the house and have noticed our furnace does not kick on/cycle as often.  I can’t believe I am going to say I am excited for the next utility bill to see the savings!  We can also tell there is a reduction to outside noise.  Thank you and your crew for answering all our questions, being kind and professional, and even giving my pups some attention 😀!

We are definitely glad we decided to make this investment!

Heather and Jason Wilson

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

RetroFoam™ was proud to be the Foam Insulation selected by Grace Construction and the Restoration House for:

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At The Restoration House (TRH), we are working to help restore single mothers and their children back to God’s good intent for their lives. Through transformational housing, team mentoring and family advocacy, TRH is helping families end cycles of poverty and distress. In turn, TRH’s Participation Families are empowered to build brighter futures for themselves and their families. 

At TRH we believe that God did not create us to be alone. TRH surrounds the whole family, providing them with networks of support and accountability so instead of feeling isolated and powerless, each family experiences an empowering sense of community while also reaping the benefits of a network of support.

Logo of Extreme Makeover Home Edition

About Us

Owning Gateway RetroFoam allows us to provide for our families while serving you, our valued customers. Great customer experience is very important to everyone at Gateway RetroFoam. Our goal is to save our customers significant money by lowering utility costs while making their homes quiet and comfortable during those cold winters and our hot summers. We serve St. Louis and the surrounding areas, and we’d be happy to provide you with a free consultation and quote. Call us at (314) 526-3626. Thank you for your business!


RetroFoam’s composition is very similar to the insulation used inside top name brand ice coolers making them extremely thermally efficient. That’s why those high-end coolers hold ice for so long!

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